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Meet Amy

Welcome! Circa1832 is a journal capturing our family life and home renovation. For the last five years, we have been chasing our old house dreams. Doug and I bought our first house after it had been boarded up for three years. We spent every free minute we had between work and classes to make that 960 square feet into a home. Three years later we found our current Cobblestone house... When the house was first listed we wished so hard we could make it happen, but the price was just too far out of reach and we continued day dreaming. But as I was pregnant with our son six months or so later, I saw the house was still for sale - with a greatly reduced price. We saw the home and knew it had to be our next project. Here we are, almost three years later from that first walkthrough, and we are so close to calling her home. I hope to use Circa1832 to share our progress, challenges, and joys to come at the Cobblestone - and any other adventures that may pop up! Thank you for being here <3

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