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10 Pins I'm Loving

Now that we have come to the point of actually making *final* design decisions for the homestead I've realized that we won't be designing this home forever. Sure we will make small tweaks here and there to suit our needs and ever changing life, but the major decision making will soon be over! To keep my mind busy I've decided it would be fun to do a series on the pins I've saved recently that have really caught my eye, and dive into why I found them so inspiring.

The theme this week is bathrooms - we are honing in on selections for the upstairs hall bath and figured it would be fun to go over some ideas I've loved for a while.

1. Warm but moody marble bath

Source - The Expert

I am convinced Monica of The Misfit House can do no wrong! This bathroom is the epitome of cozy, I love how the marble bounces the light from those perfectly dressed windows. The tiny brass lamp and floral shade is just the sweetest.

2. Wood + Brass Details

Source - Remodelista

The small wooden shelf with the tiny round details next to the warm brass faucet is gorgeous here. Especially with the vintage look artwork and brass frames on the grey/green walls.

3. Floral and Wood Bath

Source - Fireclay Tile

Ha! I guess I like brass finishes despite not using them in any of our bathrooms! But the warmth of the brass and wood together is such a great pairing. I really enjoy the light pink floral wallpaper it just makes the space so happy!


Source - Ensemblier London

Pink in any form is usually a really good idea and comes across as so unique and beautiful. This take on a pink bathroom stopped me in my tracks. The mix of tile shapes, sizes, and colors is incredible. And of course the aged brass fixtures.

5. Textile Bathroom

Source - House and Garden

There's so much to enjoy in this bathroom. I could, and actually have, spent minutes staring at every detail in the room. Navy and cream is such a classic combo + the warmth of the wood floors and picture frames and you have such a comfortable space. The tiny mirror is my favorite bit!

Warm and Airy Bathroom

Source - W Design Collective

W Design Collective's entire Dutch Fields House is a beautiful take on a modern traditional home. The bathroom is no exception. I love how subtle the traditional accents are, the marble hex flooring, the roman shades, and the brass console vanities. The wooden storage is a perfect way to incorporate an antique piece into the room!

6. Happy Bathroom

Source - Laurie Champ Design

How sweet is this blue bathroom?? So many tiny details that make the space here - the glass doorknob, the orange fringe on the curtain, the nautical artwork. It's so cheerful and happy!

7. Warm and Bright

Source - Scout and Nimble

A long time favorite, that's for sure. This bathroom is so welcoming and I really think it's mostly because of the the little window letting in the sweetest natural light! I love the ribbed glass sconces and the marble hex floor. And of course the brass details here are perfectly done.

8. A Pink Powder Room

Source - The Nordroom

Ah, another perfectly pink bathroom! This tiny space is adorable - the pink walls contrast wonderfully with the black tile floor. I love the interesting shape of the mirror that's balanced with the sconce and still life.

9. Lilac Bathroom

Source - Coco Kelley

Heidi Caillier KNOWS how to use purple. So many of her spaces have this understated color and it never fails. I love the cool floors with the dusty purple walls and how they contrast with the warmth of the wood seat cover and brass console legs. The sconce might be my favorite part though!

10. Outdoors In

Source: Sabbe Interior Design

How cute is the tiny vintage chair here? This green is gorgeous especially with the curtain dressing and the warm light coming in. I love the marble connection between the vanity and the floors!


I hope you enjoyed these pins as much as I have and maybe found some new to you bathrooms! I seriously love how each of these pins made me feel - which to me is the most important part of design. Sure it has to be functional, but being in a space that makes you feel happy is really the best thing.

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