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A Discovery in the Attic

When we first walked through the cobblestone we were surprised at all the relics that were stored in the attic. There were three spinning wheels, an old rope bed, and all sorts of trunks and boxes. Well one of those trunks was filled with old leftover rolls of wallpaper! I wanted to share here all that we found, it is still one of my favorite finds in the entire home. I have some plans on how to display some of these old papers, but I think for the most part I will transfer these papers to a weathertight tote and keep them stored for future generations. Maybe someday when I have spare time (haha) I will be able to sit down and research the old makers/patterns. If anyone has any historic wallpaper references, feel free to share! Enjoy scrolling :)

This foliage paper is leftover from when they papered the old back hall. The paper on the wall was almost indistinguishable, but what a treat to see it in it's original form! I am not sure if we ever found this pink paper on the walls.

My absolute favorite paper. I'd been looking for a fabric similar to this before I knew this paper was in the attic and now my love for it is even deeper!

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