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Dining Room Plans

Let’s dive into the Cobblestone dining room plans! The dining room is technically part of the kitchen, hence I should really be calling it the remaining plans for the eat in kitchen. I wanted to outline this separately because the space is pretty large and has so many of its own intricacies. I really wanted this space to resemble an old farm kitchen, with a long table for prepping and eating large family dinners together. We were so lucky to find two mantles in the basement that had either been saved from prior fireplaces, or brought to the house and stored in the basement. One of which we determined will live in the dining room now. We have boxed out an area that will house a wood stove in the future, but for now will house a set of electric logs until we save up for building an actual firebox to code. We will also mock the cabinet + trim we have above the primary bedroom mantle above the kitchen mantle to allow for extra storage. We are coming from a 960 square foot house that had ZERO closets and my goal is to have too much storage here at the homestead!

Centered in the room will be an 8’-10’ dining table made entirely from reclaimed pieces of wood found either in the house or barn. I love the tables below, but can’t pass up trying to build our own - I know if we nail it that it will be a piece to stay with the house forever! So much of the wood we have saved here is old growth hardwood, and so, so, so beautiful! I had saved dining chairs from Joss and Main over a year ago and it was just happenstance that I checked on them one day and saw they were marked down to $45 a piece!! I bought every last one they had in stock, I think it was 10 total. I couldn’t pass up the rush chair and the tone of the wood is so pretty. Especially for 10 quality chairs for a total price of $450. I think it should be fairly easy to match the tone of the chair to the reclaimed table, since both woods are so warm. They are lost out in the shipping world somewhere, but will supposedly arrive in February!

1. Vintage Table 2. Woodlake Dining Table 3. X Base Oval Dining Table

Across from the fireplace will be a wall of built in cabinetry. It will house our fridge, a buffet, and cabinet for microwave/undercounter fridge. The buffet will have glass uppers and we will store all our nicer serve wear and daily dishes. The cabinetry will likely be painted Farrow and Ball Old White, same as the main kitchen cabinets. There is always a chance that we might give this wall a different color - we are loving the darker greens/browns lately.

1. Plain English 2. Kitchen and Beyond 3. Devol Kitchens

I am debating a rug in the space, I think to start we will be without, but should we change our mind I am definitely going to pull from the Amber Interiors x Loloi collection. The colors of the collection are going to work so perfectly with the raw plaster walls and natural wood ceiling/floors. I'd love a large vintage rug, but that's not in our budget, and the collection I just mentioned just looks so great. My favorite piece in the room is the light from Lucent Lighting. I love that the light is reminiscent of old lanterns and fits the age of the house so well.

  1. Heidi Caillier 2. Evolve Lighting Co 3. Studio Laloc

The wall farthest from the actual kitchen portion of the room will have some sort of small seating area, most likely two wingback chairs in a blue patterned fabric, I'm thinking a really classic plaid. The windows will be simple linen roller shades with loop pulls - I love the nostalgic look of them. I don’t want to detract from the gorgeous window trim that goes floor to ceiling. I can’t wait to incorporate prints from some of my favorite artists as well as some amazing pieces and frames that I found up in the attic when we cleared that out. I will have to do an entire post on every piece we found, along with a post on the trunk full of original unused wallpapers!

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